Village Hall

Bookings calendar

Click on the weekly links or individual events to find out when the hall is in use.

This calendar is updated twice monthly and may not hold all booked events, especially on weekday evenings. Contains major events to December 2018.


For absolutely up-to-date availability please check with Michael Wilkes who holds the bookings diary and can advise on alternative dates.

Phone Michael on 01395 265147.  


This web site was last updated on Tuesday 12 December 2017.

We have established and long-standing users for our main hall and function room on weekday evenings (Monday to Thursdays). We give them priority, although they may confirm their exact bookings only a few weeks in advance, for the next term. The committee room (seats up to 30) is available most evenings except Mondays.




The following abbreviations have been used in the calendar:

MH    Main Hall

FR    Function Room

Bar    Bar

Kit     Kitchen

CR    Committee Room

WhC Whole Complex


The hall is very busy with many events already booked for weekends in 2017, so to avoid being disappointed, we recommend you make an early booking for your event.